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About This Project

This site is based on "The Red Book of Israeli Plants - Threatened Plants in Israel" by Prof. Avi Shmida, Dr. Gadi Pollack and Dr. Ori Fragman-Sapir, and on "The Israeli Red List of Threatened Breeding Aves". The site is designed to provide easy access to information on these species. This site is under active development, and more data will be added in the near future.

English translation by Dr. Esther (Cookie) Lachman for plant entries is in progress and is currently available only for a portion of the plants.

Project Managers

Dan Alon, The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel and Dr. Noam Leader, Israel Nature and Parks Authority.


Asaf Mayrose, Gal Vine, Zev Labinger and Dr. Ofer Steinitz.

Steering Committee

Dan Alon, Dr. Noam Leader, Ohad Hazofe, Yoav Perlman and the editors.

Expect Birders

Adar Menahem, Alon Dan, Artzi Yifat, Balaban Amir, Baser Yaron, Ben Dov Amir, Dax Yuval, Friedemann Guilad, Goren Meidad, Granit Barak, Haddad Ezra, Haviv Eli, Hazofe Ohad, Israeli Nadav, Kahn Tuvia, Kiat Yosef, Kislev Lior, Labinger Zev, Mayrose Asaf, Perlman Yoav, Rinot Avner, Segali Rei, Shanni Itai, Shimshon Itai, Shohat Eyal, Tzurim Ido, Weiss Noam

Peer Review

Professor Yoram Yom-Tov, Dr. Uzi Paz, Dr. Nir Sapir, and Dr. Roee Dror evaluated the implementation of data and the methods used to assess threat status.