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Israeli Plants Biodiversity Risk Assessments Project

Israel's plants population is decreasing. This website provides information about which plants may disappear if we don't act quickly and decisively to protect them. Are some types of plants more prone to disappear given environmental changes? Which area in Israel holds most of the endangered species? What habitats are most important for biodiversity preservation efforts? Every species is its own story, and this is a story in which we play a role.

Recent Observations

Species Name Date Observer Type Region
Cassius Vetchling 1 day ago None
Foreign Capnophyllum 2 days ago None
Crystalline Iceplant, Diamond Ficoides 3 days ago None
Red Sandspurrey, Purple Sand Spurry 3 days ago None
Parapholis marginata 3 days ago None
Wigeongrass, Sea Tasselweed 3 days ago None
Thread Thintail 3 days ago None
Coastal Seablite 3 days ago None
Perennial Glasswort, Chickenclaws 3 days ago None
Samphire Plant 3 days ago None
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