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About This Site

Website management team:

Dr. Margareta Walczak, Dr. Ofer Steinitz, Merav Lebel and Gal Vine


Dr. Ori Fragman-Sapir

Production and editing:

Yali Katz and Yafit Brenner



Dr. Esther (Cookie) Lachman

About the site

This site is based on "The Red Book of Israeli Plants - Threatened Plants in Israel" by Prof. Avi Shmida, Dr. Gadi Pollack and Dr. Ori Fragman-Sapir. The site is designed to provide easy access to information on these plants. 

The site is currently under development and new tools as well as introduction and summary will be added in later stages. 
English translation by Dr. Esther (Cookie) Lachman for plant entries is in progress and is currently available only for a portion of the plants.


About the Red Book

The Red Book of Israeli Plants documents the status of the plant species in the wild while looking at the species as the basic unit for biodiversity conservation. More than 400 native plant species are threatened in Israel. The Red Book provides important knowledge about these plants in order to raise awareness among decision-makers, conservationists and the general public. The Red Book includes six quantitative standards for defining a species as a "red" species: Rarity, Vulnerability (extinction rate and habitat loss), Attractiveness, Endemism, Peripherality and Disjunctiveness. Israel's Red List includes 413 plants of which 36 went extinct. The red list was chosen out of 2388 native Israeli plants. The book contains texts describing the red plants in a format of encyclopedia entries in two volumes.

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